BE GRATEFUL Wearable Art Dress by Alesia C.

Alesia C.

Fabric: 100% stretch polyester
This dress is made to order and will be shipped in 2 weeks after placing your order.
Made in USA at Alesia C. atelier

Inspired by original pastel illustration art “Be Grateful. Life is a Gift.” created
by talented artist Alesia's mom Zinaida Kalinouskaya in 2018 at Alesia C. studio boutique-atelier in front of Alesia's clients.
“My mom was helping me at my boutique-atelier with custom gowns and collections for many years. One day she asked me if she can sketch pastel and pencil illustrations at the boutique. From that day my mom started to create her art collection related to my Alesia C. couture atelier. This masterpiece she created with love and passion, making gorgeous wall decor art, which she called “ Be Grateful. Life is a Gift.” During that time I was watching how meticulously she was creating this art with joy. A few months later my mom's masterpieces inspired me to create luxurious timeless Wearable Art Collection for you to enjoy and look beautiful!” Alesia C.
Front and back part of the dress are exact copy of the masterpiece digitally printed on the fabric and crafted into wearable art dress at Alesia C. atelier in Buffalo Grove, IL.
This wearable art dress represents beauty inside of you, energy of Sun and gratitude to Universe. Every masterpiece is a story, bringing designer and artist message to remind us about that most important to be grateful to every day the Universe gave you as a gift. May the Universe fulfill all your dreams!
Wearable Art collection was created by Alesia in 2019 and first presented at Mother's Day fashion show, organized by designer, on May 10th, 2019; at Bentley Gold Coast Chicago fashion show on May 17th, 2019; at Chicago Ultimate Women's Expo in October 2019; at the Mada charity fashion show in November 2019, and at Palmer House Hilton in Chicago on December 1st, 2019, at charity fashion show.