About Alesia C.

Welcome to a world of SOPHISTICATED SILKS and wearable ART PIECES. We are excited to share our passion for beautiful ACCESSORIES and HIGH-END TIMELESS GIFTS with you.

We believe that ACCESSORIES CREATE THE LOOK and there isn’t one person that would not be thrilled to receive one of our items as a gift.

Over the past 3 years we have been working on our Chicago Collection, designing and developing beautiful accessories following fashion trends to create quality products.

We live in a Chicago suburb next to lake Michigan and like to come here to look at the beautiful seagulls flying above the lake, to smell gorgeous wild flowers and enjoy on colorful lake Michigan stones. By creating all our collections we are inspired by the gorgeous city of Chicago and wonderful world. We love the city of Chicago, great lake Michigan and would love to share our passion and celebration of best fresh water in the world with you!

CHICAGO COLLECTION designed from our original hand drawn pencil illustration of Chicago, for men and women, inspired by love for the beautiful city of Chicago. The idea was to create wonderful luxury accessories and upscale gifts with a timeless quality, specifically for those who love the city of Chicago, value art and looking for perfect Chicago souvenir.

Looking for great gift idea? We carry many different beautiful styles of scarves, shawls, stoles and scarf charm-rings. We call scarves “Timeless Gifts-Gifts Forever”. It's great tradition to give a shawl or a scarf as a gift to love and remember. In fact, scarves can be used in so many ways, as a fashion accessory, as a home accent décor or as a framed silk wall art.

Our COLLECTIONS OF SILK SCARVES, NECKTIES and SCARF-CHARM RINGS are always unique and versatile, designed with feeling of style and beauty of nature. We have put a lot of love, passion and knowledge of fashion into creating our collections of luxury accessories and souvenirs that we want to introduce today.

Why our scarves are unique? Because they are inspired by beauty of the world, they are hand drawn, reworked digitally, hand crafted from pure silks of highest quality and hand roll-hemmed. Our scarves designed in different styles, sizes, colors, digitally printed on pure silk and they can be personalized with rhinestone initials or digital full color logo for:

- Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Wedding or Holiday Gifts: Scarves/ Neckties of your favorite or wedding colors with recipient’s rhinestone initial;

- Corporate Accessories and Gifts: Scarves/ Neckties/ Bow Ties/ Pocket Squares in corporate company colors with company's logo.

Moreover, we have created great collection of SCARF CHARM-RINGS. Scarf is versatile and fashion accessory which can be tied in many ways using scarf charm-rings. Decorative and functional scarf charm-ring is a unique and wonderful gift idea for scarf lovers and a fashion versatile accessory for anyone who wears scarves. Accessorize all your scarves with elegant Scarf Charm-Rings!

In 2015 we have created our signature Alesia CTM Triangle Purple Gift BoxTM which is a promise of amazing and glorious things to come.


From Alesia:

Be Grateful, Life is a Gift!

Alesia CTM.

Timeless Accessories and Gifts






Alesia CTM. Studio Boutique location:

80 W. Dundee Rd., Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 USA

E-mail: AlesiaC@AlesiaC.com

Phone: (847) 481-9258


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