Welcome to a world of SOPHISTICATED SILKS and wearable ART PIECESWe are excited to share our passion for elegant WEDDING attire, luxury FORMAL WEAR, beautiful ACCESSORIES
and TIMELESS GIFTS with you.
We believe that ACCESSORIES CREATE THE LOOK and there isn’t one person that would not be thrilled to receive one of our items as a gift.

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The History of Pure Silk Fabric

July 15, 2016

  Silk is a natural protein fiber, which can be found in many different forms. Some of these forms are being used to manufacture textiles. Silk mainly consists of fibroin and they are produced by a certain insect larvae. The best known silk is being obtained from cocoons of mulberry silkworm. The prism like structure of silk is responsible for creating the shimmering appearance of silk. As a result, silk is in a position to refract incoming light at many different angles and produce various colors.  Did you ever wonder how silk was initially discovered by people? Silk fabric was initially developed in China. The earliest evidence to prove the existence of silk fabric is from 3630BC. In fact, it...

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Why SCARF is the best GIFT?

July 01, 2016

Do you have friends, family members, clients, your employees, bridesmaids or you need a gift for someone who has everything or to whom you do not know what to give as a gift? Here the answer. Our luxury silk scarves and accessories is the best choice! Give the luxurious gift from our Collections. To make your gift more personal, we can add MONOGRAM 1 initial of your choice in clear rhinestones on a scarf. In addition, for scarf lovers, it is great idea to give as a gift, a stylish SCAF CHARM-RINGS! Accessorize your scarves! We are sure, you will make great surprise-gift with our beautiful collection of SCAF CHARM-RINGS. Dress up your scarves! Benefits of Scarf and Scarf Charm-Rings...

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