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Calling all ART LOVERS! Artist and fashion designer Alesia Chaika invites ladies of all ages with their friends and children to register to "Alesia C. ART-A-PORTE. WEARABLE ART CLASSES"! Book your social painting or celebrate your Birthday in ArtSY style, or register your children to private art classes at art...
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Calling all ART LOVERS! Artist and fashion designer Alesia Chaika invites ladies of all ages with their friends and children to register to "Alesia C. ART-A-PORTE. WEARABLE ART CLASSES"! Book your social painting or celebrate your Birthday in ArtSY style, or register your children to private art classes at art studio in Buffalo Grove, IL.
Join us to learn how to TURN YOUR ARTWORK INTO LASTING MEMORY ON FASHION ACCESSORIES! You will be painting on framed canvas using acrylic paint. After your artwork is ready, designer will transfer it on Pure Silk Scarf or Decorative Throw Pillow! Perfect gift for Mother's Day or Birthday! Book your art party class with your group for SOCIAL PAINTING ART PARTY, BRIDAL ART PARTY, or BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION PARTY! All art supply is included in your admission, including canvas, easels, brushes, pencils, paint and aprons.
Register to the inspiring Drawing & Painting Art Classes at Art-Style.Academy website

CHILDREN ART CLASS 2.5 years old - 18 years old: every Saturday 10 am-3 pm, $35 per person, group discounts available. All art supply, soft drinks and tea are included in admission
ART-A-PORTE PARTY, SOCIAL PAINTING - every Friday, Saturday or Sunday by reservation 4pm-8pm, $50 per person. All art supply, soft drinks and tea are included in admission.
BIRTHDAY ART PARTY, SOCIAL PAINTING please book in advance. All art supply, soft drinks are included in admission. Students can bring their own birthday cake, appetizers, food, soft drinks to the art party class.
Register to art classes or book your art party date, time, and theme of the art class. Please contact us at (847) 481-9258 or email:
UNIVERSE MANDALA-FLOWER acrylic painting on canvas. Mandala means the wholeness of Universe. You will be painting your own Universe on framed canvas 12"x12". To create Mandala-Flower requires near-divine patience and attention to detail. With such pattern, you have to be patient, but at the end, the result is very fulfilling. This is very relaxing, meditating and inspiring art class, where every student paints their own Universe Mandala Dot Flower in your favorite colors, following your dreams, opening your soul, and relaxing your mind. This class is designed by Alesia Chaika the way, that even, person, who never held paint brush in hands, will create unbelievable and beautiful mandala artwork, which students can take with them home and get Inspired by their artwork every day! After student's artwork will be ready, everyone can order their own, One-Of-A-Kind in the world, custom pure silk scarf or decorative throw pillow, with a copy of their own artwork for additional investment. The design and production cost of silk scarf or decorative pillow are not included in this class admission.
PARIS AT SPRING. Do you love Paris? Let create your own artwork in bright colors featuring Eiffel Tower surrounded by gorgeous bright trees and lights!
MY UNIVERSE. We will be painting using acrylic paint on framed canvas. The moon, the sun and Universe dance.
CHERRY BLOSSOM. Do you love Japanese sakura? Dreaming of spring? Lets create something beautiful together. Imaging that you are at gorgeous cherry orchard, bird songs and smell of blooming cherry blossom.
Order Your Wearable-Art Silk Scarf or Decorative Throw Pillow inspired by your original artwork:
For those who would love to order their OWN FASHION ACCESSORY, with a copy of original artwork, we will transfer your painting onto PURE SILK SCARF or DECORATIVE PILLOW! For additional investment of
- custom designed pure silk scarf with individual artwork:
size 34" x 34" - $145, size 21" x 21" - $105
- velvet decorative pillow: size 17"x 17" - $85

More details about Art-A-Porte Wearable-Art Classes for adults with Alesia Chaika:

You will PAINT YOUR DREAM INTO BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK, listening RELAXING MUSIC, having WONDERFUL TIME being INSPIRED. My mission is to OPEN YOUR SOUL to CREATIVITY. You are the ARTIST of your OWN UNIVERSE! You are the ARTIST of YOUR LIFE and YOUR DREAMS! Put your dreams on canvas!

At the end of class we will take photos of you and your artwork enjoing your time! This class is 4 hours long. Here is the program of Alesia C. Wearable-Art Class:
 Learn the color theory. How to use colors in your artwork, wardrobe and interior décor;
 Learn how to create the artwork on framed canvas in acrylic and turn it into fashion accessory: wearable art silk scarf or trow pillow. Find out how to use silk scarf as a home décor with artwork toy have created;
 Find out how to choose colors of your future silk scarf or decorative throw pillow;
 Tea time, fruits and soft drinks;
 Create and socialize.
 After your artwork is ready, designer will transfer it on your own pure silk scarf or decorative pillow, which should be ready in 2-3 weeks.
 Choose your pure silk scarf size:
21"x21" - $85, 34"x34" - $145, or decorative pillow 17"x17" - $65
Pure silk scarf with your own artwork is considered one-of-a-kind piece of art, only one in the world! Luxurious quality with hand-roll hem.
 After your scarf or pillow is ready, we will have additional fashion and style "ACCESSORIES CREATE YOUR LOOK" masterclass, where you will learn how to tie a scarf, following visual instructions in and Alesia Chaika styling look book. Learn how to wear scarves and accessorize your outfits to bring the pop of color and elegant look to your wardrobe. Styling class schedule may very.
 Be part of the upcoming "Alesia C. ART-A-PORTE FASHION SHOW" featuring new collections of cocktail dresses, suits and gowns, inspired by original artworks and designer wearable-art accessories! Be a model of your own accessories at the fashion show!

More details about Art classes for children with artist and fashion designer Alesia Chaika:

 These classes are designed for children groups 2.5-6, 7-12, 13-18 years old, who love art, would like to learn how to draw and paint using different medias creating the artwork on canvas. Learn color theory, shape, shadow, composition, style and still life. Every art class designed with different theme, following the season.
 Every class is designed to open children's soul to creativity, relax their mind to bring happiness , enjoying the final result.
 Children will have wonderful time, captivating passion to art developing creative thinking;
 Canvas, art supply, light appetizers, soft drinks provided and included in $35 class admission.
Art class for children is 1.5 hour long.
 Seats are limited to 12 children. Private art classes available.
 Register to Wearable-Art classes today! I'm so happy to meet you and learn about your passion!
 Address: 830 S. Buffalo Grove Rd, Suite 110, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
 Phone: (847)481-9258

Here are the examples of Alesia Chaika's and her students' MANDALA ARTWORKS, PURE SILK SCARVES and DECORATIVE PILLOWS. You will see them in person at your wearable class. GET INSPIRED and CREATE!



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-Minimize spin time.
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-Hang dry if possible, avoiding direct sunlight exposure.
-Use neutral soap or detergent for silk.
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