SUMATRA Vintage 3D Scarf Charm-3-Ring Antique Gold Plated Metal

Alesia C.

Accessories create your look! Scarf is versatile and fashion accessory which can be tied in many ways using scarf charms. Just imagine that your scarf with scarf charm is like your necklace. A stylish Sumatra Vintage Filigree Scarf Charm-Ring designed to fabulously fix and hold your beautiful silk scarf. Featuring blossom 3D abstract flower design. Decorative and functional scarf charms are unique and wonderful gift for scarf lovers and a fashion accessory for anyone who wears scarves. Accessorize all your scarves with elegant Scarf Charm-Ring! To wear, simply slide the ends of the scarf over 3 back rings and adjust the lengths to suit. Suitable only for silk or chiffon scarves as a scarf holder. Your Scarf Charm-Ring delivered in a signature Alesia C. Triangle Purple Gift Box.


Measurements: 1 ¼ ” décor length, ¾” inner diameter of 3 back rings

Materials: plated base metal

Color: Antique Gold

Suitable for: silk or chiffon scarves